Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jing Ping (Thai Cuisine) Vegetarian Restaurant

2015 Update
I no longer recommend Jing Ping (Thai Cuisine) Vegetarian Restaurant, as I am not confident that their fake meat, used in most of their dishes, is vegan (or even vegetarian). Please see my Happycow review for more details. For the best Thai curry in Taiwan head to the all-vegan Mianto near Daan Park.

In 2012 a new vegan Thai restaurant opened in Taipei. The Thai Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant, near Zhongxiao Xinsheng station.

Thai Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant

I can't say it serves food with the fire and spice which, in my opinion, makes Thai food the best in the world, but it's far and away the best Thai food I've had in Taiwan.

2015 Update: Despite trying as politely as possible to enquire into what's vegan and what isn't, I am no longer able to trust that this or any fake meat there is vegan (or vegetarian).

Food is reasonable, and the interior is clean and pleasant. Prices are around 200-300NT per dish, and I found that three dishes between two people about right, and two dishes and a dessert (700NT) almost too much for a hungry waiguoren vegan like myself.

The green curry sauce was hopefully vegan, but I doubt that the fake chicken in it was. A much better (real) Thai curry can now be had at Mianto (Happycow) without worrying about dairy, egg or worse in the fake meat.


  1. Thank you for having a vegetarian blog about Taipei's restaurant!!!!!!

  2. nice blog!!
    and nice to know Hsinchu has vegan restaurants now.