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As I update these books approximately monthly, depending on changes to the food or travel situation in Taiwan, it has become impractical to keep track of every change, nor does it seem necessary as most visitors purchase a guide shortly before arriving in Taiwan.

Unfortunately there's no way to update copies of the book which have already been purchased. Most changes, however, are incremental improvements to grammar, layout or usability. Major changes which could significantly affect a reader's plans are noted below. If you purchased your book significantly before your trip to Taiwan (or if you return to Taiwan with an older version) please feel free to email me with your plans if you would like advice on how other recent changes could affect your travels.

The international food available from Yummy Vegan Home greatly improves the Northern Taipei outing, which covers Japanese, Spanish and Chinese history.  However this outing works best on a fine Wednesday or Friday (museums are closed on Mondays, Yummy Vegan Home on Tuesdays, Yummy Vegan House on Thursdays, and Tamsui is unbearably crowded during weekends) so please plan the rest of your trip around this outing.

Book / Chapter Date Added Update
Central & Southern TaipeiFebruary 19th, 2018 The famous About Animals burger bar will close permanently at the end of March, 2018. Their new (quieter) cafe will probably stay open, so I have added this. The nearby iVegan restaurant has also closed, so together these greatly reduce the value of the Southern Taipei itinerary. I now recommend most visitors spend two days in Northern Taipei, one day based in Beitou and one in Tamsui, or longer on the northeast coast.
I also added YangMing Park up Yangmingshan, Taipei's mountain, since the cherry blossoms are about to bloom and it is easily reached from Beitou.
Northern TaipeiJanuary 7th, 2018 Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant in Beitou has closed. With the addition of Yummy Vegan Home (see below) this was hardly worth visiting anyway.
Northern Taipei October 1st, 2017 Yummy Vegan House, the best restaurant in the Northern Taipei outing, are now closed on Thursdays, because they have opened a more-international branch in central Beitou (the hotsprings area) which is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Therefore, the Northern Taipei outing is now best suited only to Wednesdays and Fridays.
Transport (both editions)April, 2017 (approx) The MRT to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) has finally opened. Express trains from Taipei Main Station take approximately 35 minutes to reach the airport, but please allow for delays. Buses from Taipei Main Station now depart from just outside East Exit 1 of Taipei Main Station (ground floor). 
Central / Southern Taipei (both editions) Jan 1st, 2017 Tragically, Bio @Peace Cafe, a pioneer vegan cafe in Taipei has permanently closed (at the end of 2016). I now recommend making the Central & Southern Taipei a half-day outing. 
Eastern Taipei (both books) November 17th, 2016 Tofunia (international cuisine) has been added.
Jiaoxi (full book only)November 17th, 2016Sadly Vegan Heaven has closed its Jiaoxi branch. This makes Jiaoxi much less appealing as a stop between Taipei and Taroko Gorge. It's worth, however, considering spending a night if you have to stay somewhere along the east coast.


As of 2018 I am removing most Google Maps screenshots (except for situations in which a detailed, close-up map is useful) and instead including links which, when clicked, open up directions to the destination from the user's current location in Google Maps. 

Maps are made using Google Maps Engine. Unfortunately the Kindle system compresses images (to save space) to the point that maps can be difficult to read. I have re-made them (narrower) to take this into account as much as possible. Map images in the book provide a good overview, and it's always possible to follow directions to the nearest station, show a passerby the Chinese address (listed for every location) and ask them to point you in the right direction. Chances are they'll be happy to help, and practise their English. But if you'd like an interactive map there are three options.

Best: Mymaps or Google Maps

It's becoming possible to open shared maps in  Mymaps (Android, iOS), however this functionality is being built into the Google Maps, which will make it all much simpler. Not surprisingly, Android is ahead of iOS, especially with free apps, but there are options available for both.

Simplest: Browser

These links will by default open in a browser (eg Firefox, Safari), which works but it's slower and less smooth than a separate app.


I highly recommend purchasing a local SIM card so that you have your own  data connection (instructions in the book). Taipei was also the world's first city to offer public free and usually functional Wifi. However, if this is too much trouble for a short visit then all locations in the guide can be found in this KML file (based on this map) which can be downloaded and opened on Android devices using Osmand. Locations only show as points, and show their name when clicked on, but because it also shows your location. It works well for finding where you want to go.

It's currently necessary to open the 'osmand' folder on your device, make a new folder called 'tracks' and then save the Formosa (Taiwan) complete map.kmz file there. Hopefully this process will become easier in the future; check back for updates.

Complete List of Maps

Northern Taiwan Overview (all destinations covered in this guide at a glance)
Northern Taipei (overview)
Yuanshan Station
(Baoan and Confucius Temples)

Northeast Taiwan
Eastern Taiwan

Lion Head Mountain (central Taiwan)


Amazon Reviews

Even if you haven't yet been to Taiwan, I would greatly appreciate a few words to let new readers know a little about the book from the perspective of an independent reader. I'm not sending out complementary books for "independent" reviews because they're not independent. I hope vegan travellers will share their honest opinions - good or bad - about this book with other travellers, and of course I will take them seriously in deciding whether or how to update this book or publish more.
Please write reviews at amazon.com or your country's equivalent site. 

Update Information

I do my best to keep this book updated, but if you find that information in the guide is out-of-date or you would like to suggest new recommendations, please email me at jesse.duffield@gmail.com. Alternatively please leave a comment below.Thank you very much.

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