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Latest Updates

November, 2018: Zhen De Coffee is no longer all vegan.
Unfortunately Zhen De Coffee is now serving dairy milk in its drinks, and it may serve non-vegan food in the future. I expect that all vegan items will be well-labelled (in English) but I have removed it from my guidebook. Please be careful if you do go there, from an old guide.

Other Updates are No Longer Listed Here

 As I update these books approximately monthly (sometimes more with the rate of change in Taipei's vegan and travel scene) it has become impractical to keep track of every change, nor does it seem necessary as most visitors purchase a guide shortly before arriving in Taiwan and then don't use it again.

Unfortunately there's no way to update copies of the book which have already been purchased. If you purchased your book significantly before your trip to Taiwan (or if you return to Taiwan with an older version) please feel free to email me with your plans if you would like advice on how other recent changes could affect your travels.

Ultimately I hope to use a platform which would enable readers to update their books (free of charge) if they come back, but unfortunately that is not possible with Amazon.

The international food available from Yummy Vegan Home greatly improves the Northern Taipei outing, which covers Japanese, Spanish and Chinese history.  However this outing works best on a fine Wednesday or Friday (museums are closed on Mondays, Yummy Vegan Home on Tuesdays, Yummy Vegan House on Thursdays, and Tamsui is unbearably crowded during weekends) so please plan the rest of your trip around this outing.


Maps are made using Google Maps Engine. Map images in the book provide a good overview, and it's always possible to follow directions to the nearest station, show a passerby the Chinese address (listed for every location) and ask them to point you in the right direction. Chances are they'll be happy to help, and practise their English. But if you'd like an interactive map there are three options.

As of 2018 I am gradually removing most Google Maps screenshots (except for situations in which a detailed, close-up map is useful) because most people read the book on a tablet or smartphone, and I now have links which open directions (in Google Maps) from the user's current location.  

Complete List of Maps

Northern Taiwan Overview (all destinations covered in this guide at a glance)
Northern Taipei (overview)
Yuanshan Station
(Baoan and Confucius Temples)

Northeast Taiwan
Eastern Taiwan

Lion Head Mountain (central Taiwan)


Amazon Reviews

Even if you haven't yet been to Taiwan, I would greatly appreciate a few words to let new readers know a little about the book from the perspective of an independent reader. I'm not sending out complementary books for "independent" reviews because they're not independent. I hope vegan travellers will share their honest opinions - good or bad - about this book with other travellers, and of course I will take them seriously in deciding whether or how to update this book or publish more.
Please write reviews at amazon.com or your country's equivalent site. 

Update Information

I do my best to keep this book updated, but if you find that information in the guide is out-of-date or you would like to suggest new recommendations, please email me at jesse.duffield@gmail.com. Alternatively please leave a comment below.Thank you very much.

General Survey

I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who has found this page and read to this point to help me get to know more about my audience.

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