Tips for Being Vegan in Taiwan

This page covers advice on being vegan in Taiwan. It does not cover individual restaurant reviews, outings or miscellaneous Taiwan titbits. I changed the name from "survival" because survival is not an issue in Taiwan (at least hopefully not after you've read this blog!).

Taiwan has the best labelling system in the world, and you don't need a doctorate in Chinese calligraphy to understand it. With this short easy lesson you'll be identifying your next packet of biscuits or frozen meal as vegan in no time.

Don't count on the labelling rules ensuring that fake chicken from your local vendor is really vegan (or even vegetarian). Disturbing reading, but it's not all bad: Loving Huts to the rescue!

Taiwanese are generally quite proud of how convenient Taipei (and Taiwan in general) is to live in. And this applies especially to vegans, because all 7-11s and most convenience stores sell at least a few vegan snacks or even frozen meals which can be microwaved on the spot.

Spotting Vegetarian Restaurants
Most vegetarian restaurants, especially the thousands of simple pay-by-weight buffets and noodle stands, use the words 素食 in their name and/or as a separate sign to catch the attention of vegetarian passers-by. These photos are for practice at identifying vegetarian restaurants by these two characters among the hundreds of other neon signs in view on a typical Taiwanese street.

Medical Care and the Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital 
This page discusses healthcare and medical facilities in Taiwan. It also introduces Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital in Hsindian (Xindian), Taipei and its vegetarian foodcourt.

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