Mianto (米愛多)

Mianto is Taipei's top restaurant for international cuisine. Run by a friendly and talented South African chef, Michele, Mianto quickly became the go-to spot for expatriates cravings tastes from home and abroad, tastes often very difficult to find vegan (or even vegetarian) in Taiwan. It uses fresh, healthy ingredients, some of which are organic. Mianto is a great place to go for a delicious, healthy meal, especially for residents or long-term travellers, however short-term visitors might prefer to try more Taiwanese cuisine, such as the Fruitful Food buffet or the Guangfu Loving Hut.


Mianto serves a wide range of international favourites, mostly cooked fresh by Michele herself. It serves far and away Taipei's best Thai and Indian curries, and also a good salad, which is surprisingly difficult to find in Taipei. Over the years Mianto has come to serve more Taiwanese food to non-vegan locals, but its original international menu is still available and as good as ever. Mianto also serve some great drinks and handmade desserts. Its range of food, combined with non-alcoholic wine, makes a meal at Mianto one of Taipei's most enjoyable dining experience.


Dishes at Mianto generally cost around NT200-300, which while a little more expensive than local eateries but excellent value for such good food. Portions are slightly on the small side (as at most such upmarket restaurants) and a filling meal, with a drink and dessert, usually runs to around NT500 - again excellent value for Taipei.
Unfortunately, like many upmarket restaurants in Taiwan, a "10% service charge" is added to the bill - something disappointing for such a good vegan restaurant. (Service is good, and I think Mianto's prices are very reasonable, but I think that since service is part of the experience and not an optional extra it should be included in the prices on the menu, as the system serves no purpose other than to make prices seem lower than they are at the time of ordering.)

 Restaurant and Location

Mianto is on the ground floor of a mostly-residential building. It shares its space with an interior design studio, and customers mostly eat at one communal table, however some smaller tables have been added. The restaurant overlooks a small park, and has a very pleasant vibe. It's about a seven-minute walk from Dongmen Station, or a little further from Daan Park Station, Exit 6 (not to be confused for Daan Station), so it ties in well with a visit to Daan Forest Park.


Tue – Sun 11:00 - 21:00
Facebook, Happycow
(02) 2321-9749
 新生南路一段146巷 7號
Xinsheng South Road, Section 1, Lane 146, Number 7


Nearby: Ooh Cha Cha

Another of Taipei's best international restaurants, the excellent Ooh Cha Cha is more of a cafe and gourmet sandwich bar than a restaurant for (non-alcoholic) wining and dining, however their new burgers menu is changing that. Ooh Cha Cha are slightly less expensive, more accessible, but do not serve the international favourites like curries and pasta. For a relaxed meal out, go to Mianto. For a faster meal to fit around your exploring Taipei, go to Ooh Cha Cha.

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