There's more to life in Taiwan than food: get out into the countryside! And unlike here in Japan (or New Zealand) a vegan meal will never be far away, and finding something satisfying is very unlikely to be a problem.

Taroko Gorge and the Hinterlands
Taroko Gorge is Taiwan's top natural tourist attraction, and not far away is Taiwan's only vegan B&B.
This page also covers scooter riding in Taiwan.

Lion Head Mountain
Lion Head Mountain (Shitoushan) has been a Buddhist retreat for centuries. And it's now easier to get to than ever with the shuttle bus from Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station.

@Peace Cafe and Bitan Lake
Also covered under restaurants, @Peace Cafe is a vegan restaurant in Garden City, a beautiful little village in the mountains just south of Taipei. On the way stop for a walk around Bitan Lake (actually a widened river).

Taipei 101
Not exactly an escape from the city like the others, but if you go to Taiwan you'll probably go here. Don't even bother with the foodcourt underneath though: this post suggests better options nearby.

Maokong Gondola
Coming soon...

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