Vegetarian Restaurants

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Listing of Vegetarian Restaurants around the World
(Taipei / Hsinchu / Taichung / Kaohsiung / Pingtung)
Excellent blog on vegan food in and around Taiwan
Also Facebook page with some English.  She's now focussing more on her excellent restaurant and food business (see below). 
An excellent blog with some good info on vegan life in Taipei, such as where to find non-soy lattes.
Taipei is a Vegan Piece of Cake
Fancy dessert in Taipei? This Facebook page is the place to go.
English website with info on restaurants and groceries 

Facebook Groups and Events

The vegan social scene in Taipei has exploded in the last few years, and many, many facebook groups have sprung up with it. 

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This FB page started off as a group of vegan friends, but has grown into the default vegan community in Taipei (and northern Taiwan). Its members organise regular potlucks and other events.
Taipei Potluck & Music Circle 91
For over seven years this group have been meeting in Da'an park on the first Sunday of the month for a vegetarian (not vegan) potluck (bring something to share, and reusable utensils), drumming circle, dance, yoga and whatever else is flavour of the month.
Vegans in Taiwan These Facebook groups are an umbrella network. As their names suggest Vegans in Taiwan is for everyone, while the closed group Vegan Activists in Taiwan is commonly used for support for various vegan activism.

Groceries - Online & Walk-In

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iVegan Supermarket See my blog post on iVegan.
Bluesomeone StudioBluesomeone, the famous blogger (see above) has began selling imported grocery items. Unfortunately (for anyone reading this) is that it's mostly only in Chinese.
Ooh Cha ChaOoh Cha Cha, the great sandwich bar going vegan food empire, have started selling some of their delicious hand-made grocery items online. Items can be picked up at the restaurant, or couriered out.

Animal Rights Groups in Taiwan

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This, along with its sister club at National Taiwan Normal University, are the leading animal rights activists in Taiwan. Events are mostly in Chinese, but foreigners are welcome, and all members are bilingual.
The Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan is often in the media for many good causes, but more animal welfare than animal rights.

Other Vegan Food Blogs from Around Asia and the World

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Interesting vegan travellers blog, which includes more in-depth reviews on Taipei Restaurants than this blog, most notably this vegan restaurant guide to Taipei.
blog on vegan food and fitness, and html programming, from where I learned to program my new drop-down menu.
an interesting vegan travel blog.
vegan blog on lilfe in Seoul
Excellent blog featuring restaurants in Taipei and elsewhere in Asia.
My 'sister blog' on vegan life in Japan

More Taiwan Links

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Description & Related Links
Taiwan's leading English-language newspaper. 
The E Taiwan News is also worth a read.
very informative blog about Taiwan politics and expatriate life
also an introduction to teaching English in Taiwan.
Expatriate forum for discussion of everything related to life in Formosa and much more.


  1. Love your Blog, and all you share :-) keep up the great work... I will be traveling to Taiwan next year and appreciate all the information.

    1. Thank you! I Let me know if I can help with anything :)

  2. Helpful blog! I hope to visit Taiwan this year. :)