Sunday 20 February 2011

Taipei Outing: Bio Peace Cafe and Loving Hut at Bitan Scenic Area (Xindian)

Tragically, @Peace Cafe closed permanently on 1/1/2017. This is still an enjoyable outing, but without the icing on the cake anymore. The Loving Hut is still open. 

Updated June 2015, to include photos from my Taiwan travel guide for vegans.

Bitan Scenic Area

Xindian (新店) is the southern end of Greater Taipei, where the city meets the mountains. Xindian Station is the final stop on the Xindian (green) MRT line. It's worth visiting for Bitan Scenic Area, a section of the Xindian River which has been dammed to essentially become a lake (right outside Xindian station) and for hikes or bike rides into the mountains, but more importantly, for Bio @Peace Cafe. In August 2014 a Loving Hut opened just behind Bitan Lake, so lunch at one and dinner at the other, with a hike or paddle out onto the lake makes for a great afternoon or day outside of the Taipei crowds and pollution.

Bio @Peace Cafe

Bio Peace Cafe (August 2014)

This famous vegan cafe is also only just off the route from Xindian to Wulai, a small aboriginal town famous for its scenery and hot springs, but one I don't recommend, due both its total lack of food and its overpriced, low-quality hotsprings and poorly-maintained infrastructure.If you do go be sure to stock up on food at Bio Peace Cafe, the Loving Hut, Joy Bar or of course iVegan.

Bio @Peace Cafe serves the best pizza in Taipei, hands down.

Bio @Peace Cafe is a must-visit cafe for any vegan visiting Taiwan, and regular hangout spots for local and international resident vegans, and for non-vegan locals who come for the food and atmosphere. In 2015 the cafe has been taken back by Andrew and Kelly, its founders, and is again serving its famous pizzas and raw desserts it's been famous for for many years.

quiche and the famous 'almost-raw' lemon cashew cheesecake

Exit Xindian station onto the main road (Beiyi Road Section 1, not the smaller road adjacent to the river), turn right (towards the mountains), cross the road and you should be at a 7-Eleven. Find the bus stop for Green Bus 3 (綠3) and take it to the last stop (by the Family Mart). If in doubt, check with anyone that you're headed to 花園新城 (Hua Yue Xin Cheng / New Garden City).

Alternatively a taxi should take about 10 minutes and cost around NT200, or more if traffic is heavy; you can then easily take the bus back. Buses leave regularly and punctually from the Family Mart, so unless you intend to walk around the community ask what time the next one departs before leaving the café.

Green Pool Loving Hut
Unfortunately the nearby Loving Vegan restaurant appears to have closed, but the good news is that a Loving Hut has opened right behind Bitan lake (mid 2014).

Bitan Loving Hut, just before the footbridge.

The Loving Hut is a small, busy establishment, serving typical Loving Hut fare including burgers, rice and pasta dishes. 

Lunch from Loving Hut behind Bitan Lake

Prices are very reasonable, at around 150NT for a 'snack' (light meal, such as burger plate) or about 300NT for a set dinner (above, also including soup and a drink).

A burger meal from Bitan Loving Hut

It also serves ice cream (from a machine). Flavours change regularly, and some are more to my liking than others.

Lavender ice cream from Bitan Loving Hut.

The Green Pool Loving Hut is located just before the pedestrian-only suspension bridge across the river, when coming from the MRT.
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 20:30
Sat - Sun: 11:00 - 21:30
(02) 2910-7656
Website, Happycow

Bitan Scenic Area is very quiet at night, and takes on a very different vibe.


  1. Wow, so nice to see you updating again! Ah sorry, this is Christine from Hong Kong and I'm new to your blog and I've been a vegetarian for about 6 years. Thanks for writing this blog :P

  2. Wow thanks Christine!! How's the veggie scene in HK?
    Interesting blog too btw :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this great info!! (^O^☆♪
    I've been searching for vegan cheese for a long time... ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  4. Hi There Jesse, really nice to found ur blog :).Thank you for all information related to vegetarianism. I wonder, Are there any vegan baking/culinary courses in taiwan?

  5. Sorry for the four-month late reply! I don't check this very often, but please feel free to send me an email any time :)
    I've never heard of vegan cooking courses, but I believe that Andrew (from @Peace Cafe) supports trains chefs at vegan restaurants in TW and maybe further away. There are a few vegan cooking schools (mostly macrobiotic I think) in Tokyo, and the vegetarian (virtually vegan) May Kaidee's cooking school in Bangkok. But I don't know of any in TW sorry! If you've since found them, please let me know - thanks.

  6. Peachlai - if you haven't already, check out Veggie Joy (vegan pizza, Mexican etc) in Ximen Ding! Plenty of cheese options there! :)

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  8. Nice blog! I am from Taiwan and my husband is vegan. We live in America but visit Taiwan every year. We never had a problem finding delicious food for him and often ate way too much...Thanks for sharing awesome vegan places in Taiwan!

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